Ball Lines

Free Move the balls into straight or diagonal lines to make them pop
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In this game there are balls of different colours, and you have to move the balls so that 5 or more balls of the same colour connect in a straight line so that the balls are destroyed. The lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. After each move, new balls will be formed and you lose the game when the whole board is filled with balls.Ball Lines is a fully entertaining game for all the family, and it is free! It clearly follows the philosophy of a classic and well-known game (Tetris), but using the board format. You need to be fast and clever to decide where and how to place your color balls so that they can disappear before the whole board fills with balls.

This is a very simple and easy game. It has balls of different colors displayed on 9 by 9 boards. You have to move the balls and place them in a certain way, and to do so you have to first click on a ball and then click on the position where you want to drop it. The main idea of this game is to make a line of five or more balls of the same color. You can connect the balls horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. However, you have to move the ball through empty blocks only. When you connect five balls of the same color in a horizontal, a vertical or a diagonal line, that row of balls will disappear. After every click, three new balls appear in the board. In addition, as the level increases, more colorful balls will appear on the board. Therefore, you have to play fast to get high scores. The game finishes whenever the whole board is filled with balls.

Its simple rules and the colorful layout makes it clearly attractive to the youngest members of the family, though it can be enjoyed by all type of players regardless of their age.

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